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Things to Consider Before Creating a Newsletter for Your Website

Many companies believe that as soon as they build a website it will do all the work for them, and visitors will just instantly flock to it and thereby increase business overall. While this would be a great notion if true, there is often a whole lot more involved in building website traffic and loyalty. One route that many businesses end up taking is designing a newsletter for the website, which can also be sent out to your list of email contacts. The idea is that it will help drive traffic to the website and generate more interest.

So, before you put together your first newsletter to appear on the website, here are some things worth considering.

Define Your Target Audience

Before you craft content that is engaging and relevant to your readers, you have to be aware of who your intended audience/clients are. Creating a one-stop solution for all just isn’t possible, nor is it advisable. When you choose to take a targeted approach, the results tend to be much better.

Do You Have an Accurate and Up-to-Date Email List?

One huge determining factor of your newsletter success is the list of contacts you have. Not only does it need to be up-to-date, but it also needs to be accurate. You want to know that the emails are reaching people and that they are being seen rather than directed to the spam folder.

This is when the SendinBlue email deliverability test can be a great tool to use. You’ll be able to put together a list of test contacts that will be sent a preview of the newsletter, drumming up interest and also testing to see if it reaches them.

Work on Expanding Your Subscriber List

Even if you have a fairly robust list of subscribers already, the goal should always be to expand it further. You can provide a copy of the newsletter on your website and a place where visitors can sign up or opt-in to your list.

Set Up a Schedule

Before you start sending out your newsletters and posting them on your website, you also want to create a schedule. This schedule should indicate the frequency and dates you plan to send out the newsletter, and it can also break down the content you will be sharing in each edition.

This is also a great opportunity to set up a standard template that you can use going forward. This will help create consistency for your readers.

Link Back to the Website

Of course, every edition of the newsletter should also link back to your website. If you are discussing a particular product, for instance, this is a great opportunity to link to that product’s page on your site. The goal is to inform the reader of news, events, promos, etc. but it should also be to drive them back to your website.

A Newsletter Can Help Your Website to Grow

When used correctly, a newsletter can act as an excellent tool in helping your website to grow and appeal to even more visitors.

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