How Much Disk Space Does a Website Need

How Much Disk Space Does a Website Need

How much disk space does a website need? It an important question.  After designing a website, you look for best-hosting provider to host your website. Generally, every website needs hosting to get visible on internal. In short, web hosting works on the concept of buying space for websites on the servers purchased by the web hosting providers. However, the success of the website lies in speed and space it occupies on the server.

Basically, website resources include files such as HTML files, images, videos, flash files and much more. Additionally, it also consists of plugins, email accounts and programs that are installed. In case, you have big data consists of video’s and audio’s then you might need unlimited web hosting plan. In the market, you will get multiple options for web hosting providers, who offer unlimited web hosting plans at the affordable price.

Disk Space and Bandwidth

Many times, it is observed that people tend to be confused between these two concepts: Disk space and bandwidth. Generally, disk space is the quantity of storage space that is needed for the website. Disk space is provided by different hosting providers as per user’s requirement, it firstly is on a dedicated server or shared server or VPS. On the other hand, bandwidth is the sum of data that is transferred through the website at one time. Bandwidth lies on user’s aspect and disk space totally depend on the website owners outlook.

How to calculate the disk space of my website?

Basically, it is a tough call when it comes to calculating the disk space when the site does not exist. The icing on the cake is that most of the time this is not even compulsory. A guess is only needed since you need to figure out what type of hosting, you are looking for?

As we all are aware that, the content of the website is stored in the disk space. At the same time, this space is also utilized to store emails. However, before calculating the disk space for your website, it is essential to know few points:

  • As I said before, images, videos, and audios are often the content that requires more space on the website.
  • Blogs tend to take up more disk space.
  • Last but least, image publishing without any optimization can slow down your website and affects the disk space.

How to determine disk space?

As I said before, multimedia content and emails are the two factors that are needed at the time of evaluating the usage of disk space. If you are planning to set up a blog then shared hosting is best to begin. If you have a blog and it receives a good amount of traffic then you can consider VPS Server, Best Dedicated Server Hosting in India or a Cloud Server. However, the proper plan depends on the features of the website.

Last but not least, emails account!! If you want in your hosting then just keep in mind that each stored email occupies a very small space of the hosting. As numbers of emails increase the space requirement will also increase. However, to get proper management of usage of space, you required professional email services and downloading the emails on the computer can eliminate over-consumption of the space.

Grouping of your website

Websites are divided into different categories:

  • Simple websites consist of HTML, text files and required a static content. However, static data does not require much web space.
  • The dynamic website consists of images files, audio and video files along with the scripts in the programming language.
  • Personal blog type websites contain content and images or rarely video is included.
  • E-Commerce websites contain multiple pages of product or service that is seen by billion of visitors on the website. Websites consist of large resolution image that in return increases the data space usage of the website.
  • Video’s and audio’s website are the different genre of the website that is specially allocated to videos and audios. However, such websites need big data from the beginning and further, it increases more as per the usage.

To conclude, having a rough idea about the size of every single web page will assist you to select the plan as per your required data. Therefore, it is necessary to plan what you are going to add to your website. Decide the type of website you want to set up like only videos or audios, the combination of content and images, only images and much more. It is an ongoing process because when your website data will increase, it will need to be scaled accordingly.

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